" Honesty is the first thing. It’s a difficult world full of takers and people who lie and cheat to get ahead at others expense. You are one of the few who is honest and transparent. You are also very consistent and persistent. Always trying to Improve and provide more for your clients. You don’t chase the big risky returns and from what I’ve seen you focus on the slow proper growth. This helps your clients and provides a better experience for them. "

— Christopher M. Naugle | The Money Multiplier

" As someone who has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and spent a lot of that time as a public figure, I can tell you that I meet all kinds and have seen a lot of people come and go. The people that last are the people that operate with the highest levels of integrity, the people that give from the heart, and the people that manage the details. Greg is a shining example of all of those traits and many more. I'm proud to call Greg a friend and someone that I have the utmost respect for. Greg sets the bar high for others in this industry. He pours himself into the success of everyone around him and I have no doubt that's the single biggest reason why he has become so successful and an industry leader. His knowledge and experience have been critical to the success of so many - including myself. "

Kent Clothier | CEO, REWW & The Boardroom Mastermind

" For my first Welthcon, it has been an amazing experience! Your speech opened my eyes to more ways my IRA from my previous employer could be more beneficial to me. As a single mom of two and fresh into the real estate world, access to funds seemed to be impossible until I attended this event! "

— Kayley B. Daughdrill | Real Estate Newbie

" I thought the presentation was great and gave a lot of information that I wish I had known before. I wish he got to speak longer, though. "

— Rose Torres

" Informative and inspiring. Like his sarcastic humor. "

— Thomas