If there is one thing Greg Herlean prides himself on, it’s being a father, husband, and pious man. But don’t just take his word for it, see what his family has to say.

"My dad is great with money and helping people manage theirs as well. From business owner to speaker to author to a great dad, he’s got it all. His biggest strength is his ability to work with a variety of people from all different starting points. On the other hand, his biggest weakness is his insane smarts that may be more difficult for some, less educated, people to comprehend. Overall, my dad is the man! By working with this driven and motivated leader, there is no option for you but success."

- Maile, Daughter

"My dad is a very successful real-estate investor and speaker. He is very good at what he does and is able to help the people he works with to also become successful. His biggest strength is how hard working he is. He has worked for years and never gave up even when it wasn’t always going the way he planned."

- Cole, Son

"My dad does something with IRA’s and helping people managing their money. My dad is good at what he does because he gets along with people and is good with money. I can tell my dad doesn’t need to write well in his business because he has terrible handwriting. I love to go to UNLV games with him. I love to watch football games with him. I love to go on vacation with him and the family. I love to go to the lake with him and the family. And I love to go to Krispy Kreme with him every Saturday."

- Carson, Son