Generational Gains Youtube Podcast

Join our hosts, the dynamic father-son duo of business moguls and real estate investors, as they share their experiences and insights on personal growth and development.

Discover the secrets to setting meaningful goals, overcoming challenges, and cultivating a growth mindset that propels success in both life and business.

Generational Gains Episode 4

Step into the shoes of a budding entrepreneur with Carson and his dad as they explore the exciting process of building a business from scratch. Through candid conversations, they break down the crucial steps of identifying opportunities, crafting a solid business plan, and executing it with determination. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this episode will provide actionable tips and inspiration to turn your ideas into a thriving reality.

Generational Gains Episode 3

Father and Son Real Estate Investors & Business Moguls Share Top Growth Secrets To Propel Success!

Generational Gains Episode 2

Growing a Real Estate Business as a 20 Year Old With No Experience

This second episode of Generational Gains with Greg Herlean and his son Carson Herlean focuses on how Carson grows his real estate business as a 20-year-old.

He shares his experiences, failures, and learnings after his first year of getting into Real Estate while also working 30-50+ hours per week on Infinite Banking!

Generational Gains Episode 1

How My 20-Year-Old Son Makes 6 Figures