Flip Bank Live The Book

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or an aspiring real estate investor, FLIP, BANK, LIVE is a book that you absolutely cannot be without!

Mike Baird is one of the most successful and highly regarded house flippers in the United States. The star of Spike TV’s “Flip Men,” Mike speaks thousandsof real estate investors each year about his unique methods and strategies. Where Mike is the “find and flip” expert, Greg Herlean is the “fund” expert. Greg’s extensive experience in the funding area are what he shares on stages all across the country. His expert funding strategies have led to the successful execution of over $700 million in Real Estate deals. From homes, to apartment buildings, to hotels, Greg is the Money Man. FLIP, BANK, LIVE contains the answers you need to successfully find, fund and flip homes for profit in today’s changing market. Mike and Greg share expert secrets and strategies that many experienced investors do not even know. Plus they break these strategies down so that even new investors can use them successfully.

FLIP, BANK, LIVE delivers immediate answers to thornyissues and pitfalls that otherwise would take you years (and countless dollars) to learn. From fundamental start-up questions to advanced funding strategies FLIP, BANK, LIVE gives you the edge you need as a real estate investor.