Learning how to create generational wealth can feel like an uphill battle.

The concept seems elusive, almost mythical. But it’s what separates the paycheck-to-paycheck hustler from the financially free individual.

If you’re unsure about building sustainable wealth that lasts generations, you’ll never reach this level of financial freedom.

Making sense of investments, assets, and smart money moves is tough stuff.

Take, for instance, a young professional who recently told me he feels overwhelmed by all the financial advice out there. He didn’t know where to start in his journey toward creating generational wealth.

No surprise there!

In fact, without proper guidance and knowledge, most people won’t.

But Self-Directed IRAs can change that—and quickly. The video below explains it all.

Join Greg Herlean and Justin Colby as they go in-depth about Self-Directed IRAs. They cover everything from how to start self-directing, how to use a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate, and how to create tax-free gains using creative financing.

Learning More About Self-Directed IRAs

The world of self-directed IRAs is vast and filled with numerous rules and regulations.

Understanding these guidelines not only protects your financial assets but also optimizes their growth potential.

The IRS stipulates specific instructions regarding the permissible types of investments within a Self-Directed IRA, how transactions should be conducted, and what qualifies as prohibited transactions. These can seem intricate at first glance, but this is where expert advice comes into play.

Free Consultation – Understanding Your Options

A no-cost consultation with Horizon Trust–a company I founded that’s a leading provider of retirement account services–can offer invaluable insights to navigate through the intricacies of Self-Directed IRAs effectively.

Horizon Trust offers educational resources designed to boost your overall financial literacy in this area. They believe that well-informed investors make better decisions, and they’re committed to empowering you with the knowledge necessary to create generational wealth.

Remember: Building generational wealth isn’t about quick wins—it’s about making strategic decisions now that will pay off for future generations. And part of those strategic decisions involves proper tax planning—a key aspect where many families lose out due to a lack of knowledge or preparation.

Book today for an enlightening free consultation session and take control of your family’s financial future by exploring how a self-directed IRA might fit into your strategy.

Creating generational wealth is not a myth; it’s achievable.

You’ll need strategic planning and smart investments to achieve your financial goals. Self-directed IRAs offer an effective path toward achieving this goal thanks to their tax advantages, flexible investment options, and potential for creative financing.

Ready to begin your journey towards a secure financial future? Visit Horizon Trust today. Learn more about how self-directed IRAs can help create generational wealth while enjoying the tax benefits they provide.